Topic Letter

Topic Letter

Week 1. 2nd _ 5th November: Bonfire Week – We hope you have had a great Half Term break. We have lots of fun activities

planned for this Half Term, Children can bring in photos of their Pumpkins to show.

Week 2 - 3. 8th– 19th November: Maths and Science – We will be planning lots of

activities themed around maths and science.

Week 4 - 5. 22nd Nov – 3rd December: Autumn/Outdoor Classroom – We will be looking at the changes during Autumn and

doing some fun outdoor activities. Children can bring in any items linked to Autumn.

Week 6 - 7. 6th – 17th December: Christmas – We will be practising our Nativity songs, making cards and decorating

our Christmas trees in each Bubble.