Session Times, Prices and Availability

Tutbury Pre-school runs during term time only. Children can attend a mixture of morning, afternoon and whole day sessions subject to availability. Please note we are open all week except Friday afternoon.

Tutbury Pre-school accepts Childcare Vouchers.

Children aged 2 eligible for Think2 funding can receive 15 hours of free sessions. See for further details.

Children aged 3 are entitled to receive Government Funded Nursery Education from the term after their third birthday. Each child can receive 15 hours of free funding each week, which equates to 5 sessions or 2.5 whole days. You may combine this with paid-for sessions.

We are open for 29.5 hours a week so we do excepted 30 hours funding.

Fees are payable in advance and prompt payment is essential. For children receiving the free government funding we collect this on your behalf.

Lunch Time Arrangements

Children will receive a snack and drink of milk or water during each session. Children in session for the whole day will need to bring a packed lunch and drink. The lunch session begins at 11.30am, and children attending the afternoon session only can join in at 12pm when they arrive. Children attending a morning or afternoon-only session can still bring a packed lunch if they wish and this is eaten with the other children.


we have availability on most days at the moment.


Am and Pm sessions are £15.00 (9 till 12 or 12 till 3)

All day £30.00 (9am till 3.00 pm)

If you would like your child to join us please get in touch, either by phone or email (

We will arrange an induction and will do our best to accommodate your needs wherever possible.

Please call and speak to our Manager if you would like to discuss anything further. If you and your child would like to come and have a look around Pre-school please feel free to book an induction visit.

Late pick up fees

In line with other Pre-schools and nurseries we now charge late pick up fees if children are not collected promptly at the end of both morning-only and afternoon sessions. We reserve the right to charge a late pick up payment if parents/carers are late by 10 minutes or more. The charge will be enforced as follows: £5 for 10 minutes, £10 for 20 minutes and £15 for 30 minutes. A slip will be given to the parent at the time of collection with the amount which be added to their bill. Parents are reminded that is important to inform Pre-school if they are going to be late as we have to ensure we have adequate staff ratios.