Parents' Feedback 2020

Below is a summary of the results of our 2019 Leavers' Survey*. Comments under the stats have all been written by parents on the survey.

1. Pre-school premises

    • 93% of parents/carers said the Pre-school welcome was 'excellent'

    • 40% of parents/carers said the quality of the building was 'excellent'

    • 93% of parents/carers said that the quality of the outside play area was 'excellent'.

Lovely practical premises


Love the outdoor space

Would be great to have children’s toilet and easier access to them throughout the day, although I know not possible in the building

2. Induction

    • 66% of parents/carers said the quality of the induction visit prior to starting Pre-school was 'excellent', 34% said it was 'good'.

    • 74% of parents/carers said the quality of information given out prior to starting Pre-school was 'excellent', the remaining 26% said it was 'good'.

I was unaware we could send lunch for half a day sessions. This was two years ago though so could be different now!

3. The learning opportunities we provide ( Bearing in mind CORVID )

    • 95% of parents/carers rated the variety of learning activities we provide 'excellent'.

    • 70% of parents/carers rated the visitors and special learning experiences we provide 'excellent'.

    • 93% of parents/carers rated the opportunity for Risers to have a reading book 'excellent'.

    • 80% of parents/carers rated the parent workshops we run 'excellent'

    • 86% of parents/carers rated the homework sheets we provide 'excellent'.


Enjoyed Library visit

Although unable to attend due to work great range offered

Great that the children are given homework to practice at home what they have been learning.

Really helped with pen/pencil handling and control. Such a shame Covid-19 has prevent further visits/trips but know there was a variety planned.

4. Your child's progress (Bearing in mind Covid-19)

    • 80% of parents/carers rated their child's happiness 'excellent',

    • 60% of parents/carers rated the social progress their child has made 'excellent',

    • 78% of parents/carers rated the academic progress their child has made 'excellent',

    • 73% of parents/carers rated the termly reports we provide as 'excellent'.

We feel that our daughter has really progressed since starting preschool and has definitely helped her become more sociable and learning skills such as manners and sharing.

Appreciated the drop in session to look at the learning journal-really nice to see the photos and read all the comments.

She seems to have come on a lot more with being in a small group.

The reports are so detailed-absolutely brilliant love seeing the photos . Thank you

5. The staff at Pre-school

    • 95% of parents/carers rated the friendliness of staff 'excellent',

    • 86% of parents/carers rated the approachability of staff 'excellent'.

    • 86% of parents/carers said that the staffs' ability to deal with problems was 'excellent'.

The help over Covid-19 was amazing

Brilliant Preschool

All Lovely!

All friendly and helpful whenever we had an issues or questions. They are caring and positive feeling about the preschool and my daughter will be so sad to leave them

6. The communication we have with parents/carers

  • 79% of parents/carers rated the day to day communication with parents 'excellent',

    • 79% of parents/carers rated the content and frequency of the newsletters 'excellent'

    • 73% of parents/carers rated the e-mail communication from Pre-school 'excellent',

    • 33% of our parents use this website,

Communication early about training days would be good.

Would be good to have more notice for days when preschool is going to be closed. (sometimes only a couple of weeks notice given which makes work and childcare difficult)

Mangers comment to this. We give a half terms notice, send out reminder emails, facebook reminders and newsletters with the training days.

8. Fundraising

    • 79% of parents/carers rated our fundraising activities either 'excellent' or 'good'

9. Funding (for those who pay for sessions).

  • 87% of parents/carers rated the cost of sessions 'excellent',

  • 87% of parents/carers said the value for money was 'excellent',

They other comments made by parents....

How do you feel about your child’s return to preschool after lockdown:

N/A but heard so many positives from other parents who had been very impressed.

Really good all positive. My daughter told me she likes preschool better when the virus is here!

Really well handled.

My child didn’t return due to attending another setting.

On the whole we feel it was handled well, however communication would have been welcome when changes happened.

Fantastic. You should be extremely proud of how you have dealt with the situation. My daughter has loved being back. It is clear to see how much the children’s safety has been considered.


Couldn’t ask for more. Caring and professional

I know that safety is paramount and impressed how they have been able to keep the children in their bubbles and check their temperatures, regular hand washing/ sanitizing.

Excellent. Safety procedures have been brought in seamlessly, my child enjoys preschool and gets the same benefits as they did before lockdown

I think preschool was handled amazing after lockdown. It felt very safe and my son loved every minute since coming back.

No concerns for my daughters return all has been handled to a great standard.

Is there anything else we could do which would improve your experience of Pre-School?

Nothing at all. You all do a fantastic job!

Covid has proven what a great bunch of people you are !!

Nothing Fantastic pre-school.

No. My child has had a fantastic experience at preschool that has helped him enormously. I now feel confident that he is ready to start school in September both academically and socially. Thank you to all the wonderful staff, he has loved his time with you all and will miss you.

More attention to detail on progress reports, spell check before sending out.

My daughter has had a fantastic 2 years with you all . Thank you.


No- keep up the great work I’ve been so impressed. Compare to nursery this is amazing a lot cheaper.

As a parent loved the range of arts and crafts that came home.

My son loved it so did we. Thank you so much