Parents' Feedback 2021

Below is a summary of the results of our 2021 Leavers' Survey*. Comments under the stats have all been written by parents on the survey.

1. Pre-school premises

    • 100% of parents/carers said the Pre-school welcome was 'excellent'

    • 54% of parents/carers said the quality of the building was 'excellent'

    • 100% of parents/carers said that the quality of the outside play area was 'excellent'.

Only seen inside one room when I came to visit on prior to by childs start. I didn’t see the toilets but the room I saw and outside all looked very good.

Everything seems great. Cant really comment on the inside as I’ve seen a little but have not seen any problems.

Especially love the outside area

The premises are safe and secure vibrant and welcoming.

Lovely- especially the garden area.

2. Induction

    • 63% of parents/carers said the quality of the induction visit prior to starting Pre-school was 'excellent',

    • 81% of parents/carers said the quality of information given out prior to starting Pre-school was 'excellent', the remaining 19% said it was 'good'.

My child felt really confident really quickly.

Limited due to covid. Was good to get a bit of a look inside and chat about preschool before starting.

It was a long time ago but all good from what I can remember. My child played with the toys while I was talking to caroline.

It was hard in lockdown but videos and your welcome were great.

3. The learning opportunities we provide ( Bearing in mind CORVID )

    • 100% of parents/carers rated the variety of learning activities we provide 'excellent'.

    • 72% of parents/carers rated the opportunity for Risers to have a reading book 'excellent'.

    • 90% of parents/carers rated the homework sheets we provide 'excellent'.

Great variety off opportunities, especially good to have worksheets emailed during lockdown, and to have the video calls to maintain contact / involvement in the group.

I know my child has enjoyed doing her homework sheets and reading the books together. She created her own stories looking at pictures.

It’s been great our daughter has brought books home, we loved reading with her and getting her ready for school.

No issues at all

4. Your child's progress (Bearing in mind Covid-19)

    • 100% of parents/carers rated their child's happiness 'excellent',

    • 100% of parents/carers rated the social progress their child has made 'excellent',

    • 81% of parents/carers rated the academic progress their child has made 'excellent',

    • 90% of parents/carers rated the termly reports we provide as 'excellent'.

Since joining preschool her writing and talking has really come on, we’ve seen so much progress

I know my daughter has loved attending preschool. Talks about amy and laeh and metions her friends always says she has had a good day. she will miss you.

My daughter progress has thrived this year especially more than happy.

5. The staff at Pre-school

    • 100% of parents/carers rated the friendliness of staff 'excellent',

    • 100% of parents/carers rated the approachability of staff 'excellent'.

    • 90% of parents/carers said that the staffs' ability to deal with problems was 'excellent'.

    • 100% of parents / carers said that the manager dealt with Covid restrictions was "excellent".

Just want to say thank you for always going above and beyond even with helping talk to girls with issues at home eg nightmares and eating. Even through covid you’ve all kept it together and made it a safe while fun environment.

Staff have been excellent during covid and keeping our children safe and happy.

Fab staff

You have all done amazing, a big heart felt thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

It has been a tough time, but the staff have been amazing.

6. The communication we have with parents/carers

  • 90% of parents/carers rated the day to day communication with parents 'excellent',

    • 90% of parents/carers rated the content and frequency of the newsletters 'excellent'

    • 100% of parents/carers rated the e-mail communication from Pre-school 'excellent',

    • 72% of our parents use this website,

Love seeing photos of some of the activities the children get up to.


It’s been great to keep up with what they’re doing when we don’t get to see inside.

8. Funding (for those who pay for sessions).

  • 90% of parents/carers rated the cost of sessions 'excellent',

  • 90% of parents/carers said the value for money was 'excellent',

They other comments made by parents....

How do you feel about your child’s return to preschool after lockdown:


Very clear, calm and professional

You have all done an excellent job

Excellent and very cautions with keeping the children in their bubbles

Brilliantly. It was reassuring to have the smaller bubbles and I had confidence in all the hygiene and safety measures.

Very reassuring

I think caroline did a great job organising the bubbles and communicating procedures. My son has been very happy with the changes and I feel this has not affected his learning and progress with the school.

Outstanding!!!! It was good for the twins to have some normal back into their lives. If anything the twins started to blossom more than ever when returning.

Brilliantly !!! she was not concerned due friendliness and normality from staff even though all measures were in place.

Preschool handed the return very well instilled some lifelong lessons on hygiene. (handwashing). The fun element was not lost. Felt very safe to send my daughter after lockdown.

Excellent. We had no worries or concerns about sending my daughter back. preschool has been a fun and relaxed place whilst complying to covid guidelines.

Is there anything else we could do which would improve your experience of Pre-School?

No its great

Thank you for wonderful 2 years . we are going to miss you all greatly

It was practically perfect in every way.

No its been great

Keep going! As a parent I feel I feel missed being more involved but that’s been down to covid restrictions. I don’t feel my child has lacked enjoyment or support during this last year.

More updates on childs progress throughout the year via face to face / zoom calls. We really enjoyed the parents evening held on zoom and would benefit from having additional meetings during the year.

I think you all do a wonderful job. Keep doing what u are doing. I know my daughter is going to miss you all. Thank you for everything you have done for her.