New Parents Questionnaire 2019

Last term as part of the preschools improvement plan Caroline sent out a questionnaire to all the parents.The comments from all the parents are used to show Ofsted what our parents views on the preschool are and also they are used to improve the services we offer. Here are some of the comments we received......

1. In what way could we improve the Pre-school premises?

This includes facilities inside the building including play rooms and toilets.

The building and garden are fab

could benefit from upgrading the toilets

blinds or curtains for the windows (these will be fitted soon)

blinds at the windows to help with the sun

more coat pegs

building was cold at toddler group ( temperature has been now turned up)

maybe modernise some of the stuff



possibly a few different displays of the childrens work.( these will be updated with photos )

id love a little more feed back about what my child has done while at preschool and her efforts.

2. In what way could we improve the outside play areas?

Recent renovations and improvements i think outside is great.



its pretty good

love the outside already






3. How can we improve the learning opportunities which we provide?

Is there anything you would like us to cover in our topic weeks? Do you have any special interests you would like to share with us and the children at Pre-school?

music week. (this term)


i play a variety of musical instruments so if you would ever like me to share them with the children this could be possible. (this term)

wide range of topics and interest are already covered. Perhaps there could be a tie in with current events eg specific countries or sports during Olympic games.

family week,sea side week, dinosaur week, pet week (will be covered in summer Term)

our daughter loves playing hospitals and dr not sure if this kind of thing is covered (summer term topics )

maybe more trips, have animals came in would be fun.

life skills- people to come and do talk to the children

i could bring in a lamb (spring term)



i love the children learn about topics of safety fire etc . maybe a policeman so they are not afaired to approach them or crossing the road.

i am happy with the way of learning provided.

4. How could we improve the communication we have with you as parents/carers?

This includes our general day to day communication with you, the news and topic letters and email communication.

You do a fab job - the only thing would like to see more photos. the keyworker put some on our end of term report and they were lovely to see.

communication is good.

Rising stars- information about which sounds the children are focusing on so can follow up at home.(letter now sent home)

no all communication is great

emails not to have other email address on (Manager has fixed this)

we are happy with communication

child has come along great.


Put newsletter on FB site (will be doing this)

Communication report book.

5. How can we improve Pre-school website?

I have not accessed this for a while

not that user friendly

i have never used it only fb

More photos of the childrens work (i will update this)

needs to be mobile enabled (will look into this )

6. What would you like done with the money which we raise from the discos?

For example - would you like us to use it for trips, experiences, books, toys, equipment or anything else?

Trips,toys . some toys look a little worn

Christmas summer term party

toys and equipment

A trip for parents and children would be nice

all of the above

all of the above

trips and experiences an author visit during book week.

Experiences and people visiting preschool.

trips would be fantastic

more trips.

8. Is there anything that you would like to comment on about Pre-School?

I think preschool is amazing . my child has an a amazing time and the staff are great.

we are extremely happy with the preschool and how our daughter has improved since attending.

we love preschool! - it a fabulous friendly place.

Nope- its brilliant

great preschool we love it

lovely staff

were very pleased with all aspect of preschool and the learning opportunities you provide. all the staff are lovely and our children really enjoy their time with you.

we are very pleased with the pre-school and appreciate all of your hard work.

I'm very happy my child is thriving impressed all round in the difference in her. staff always happy to talk and help.

All replies are anonymous and confidential. Your comments are greatly appreciated and will be used to make a positive difference to Pre-School in the future. Thank you.