Parents' Feedback 2018

Below is a summary of the results of our 2018 Leavers' Survey*. Comments in blue italics have all been written by parents on the survey.

1. Pre-school premises

    • 85% of parents/carers said the Pre-school welcome was 'excellent'
    • 57% of parents/carers said the quality of the building was 'excellent'
    • 85% of parents/carers said that the quality of the outside play area was 'excellent'.

Ive always found everything very good

Excellent play facilities outside

There have been many improvements over the six years. The staff are always looking for ways to improve the space avaible.

The garden area has improved amazingly since my children have been at the preschool and they love playing outside.

My child has really enjoyed the outdoor areas this year. Especially the garden which is being really well developed.------

2. Induction

    • 64% of parents/carers said the quality of the induction visit prior to starting Pre-school was 'excellent', 35% said it was 'good'.
    • 64% of parents/carers said the quality of information given out prior to starting Pre-school was 'excellent', the remaining 35% said it was 'good'.

3. The learning opportunities we provide

    • 92% of parents/carers rated the trips organised 'excellent'.
    • 75% of parents/carers rated the variety of learning activities we provide 'excellent'.
    • 84% of parents/carers rated the visitors and special learning experiences we provide 'excellent'.
    • 84% of parents/carers rated the opportunity for Risers to have a reading book 'excellent'.
    • 84% of parents/carers rated the parent workshops we run 'excellent'
    • 75% of parents/carers rated the homework sheets we provide 'excellent'.

Due to using a child minder unfortunately missed out on workshops

Really enjoyed preschool loves the reading book

Great trips and visitors for the children he loves doing his homework.

Difficult to attend workshops due to working.

These are always a variety of activites for the children across the different areas of the curriculum.

My children always love the books we read and enjoy the homework. They cant wait to visit the zoo.

We cant praises you guys enough. My child has needed extra things to support and help him with his learning nothing has ever been to much. Hes always had everything he needed plus more.

My child has enjoyed the homework and reading books this year. Great opportunity for learning at home.

4. Your child's progress

    • 90% of parents/carers rated their child's happiness 'excellent',
    • 70% of parents/carers rated the social progress their child has made 'excellent',
    • 65% of parents/carers rated the academic progress their child has made 'excellent',
    • 90% of parents/carers rated the termly reports we provide as 'excellent'.
    • 70% of parents/carers rated the file sharing opportunities we provide as 'excellent',

My child has made great progress during the time he has been at preschool. This has been well documented and useful to view during the year.

Haven’t viewed the file yet but have seen that are opportunities to do so.

My childs progress is slower than other children. That’s due to his autim not preschool.

I am pleased with the progress my child has made and also by improved levels of interest to work (sounds homework reading and numbers)

He has progressed really well

Coming on very well

My childs confidence has grown

5. The staff at Pre-school

    • 92% of parents/carers rated the friendliness of staff 'excellent',
    • 92% of parents/carers rated the approachability of staff 'excellent'.
    • 92% of parents/carers said that the staffs' ability to deal with problems was 'excellent'.

All lovely

Staff make him feel welcome and doesn’t say he doesn’t want to go in very often.

The staff are lovely. It is obvious that they care about the children and their happiness and learning. They are always trying to engage enhance and encourage.

All the staff are very friendly and nothing is a big job if I have any questions. Everyone is always smiling and happy.

Lovely nurturing team of staff. Always friendly and approachable.

What can I say . I love you all you are amazing!! Amy and caroline without your support my child would already be in mainstream school struggling and id have no hair left. Id be lost without both.

6. The communication we have with parents/carers

  • 75% of parents/carers rated the day to day communication with parents 'excellent',
    • 75% of parents/carers rated the content and frequency of the newsletters 'excellent'
    • 75% of parents/carers rated the e-mail communication from Pre-school 'excellent',
    • 92% of our parents use this website,

The emails work well to inform parents about whats coming up that term.

The newsletter are great way to communicate with parents

The emails are handy although difficult to read when opened on a phone. All the boxes are on top of each other (newsletter) I find the blackboard very handy.

Never really had any- so general communication regarding news and events has been fine.

Very good always there when needed.

Again due to using a child minder I don’t find out much.

8. Fundraising

    • 92% of parents/carers rated our fundraising activities either 'excellent' or 'good'

All good fun enjoyed them

Great fundraising events organised well done

Staff are always going that extra mile to raise money to improve facilities .thank you for all your efforts. Its is appreciated.

Fund raising events have been really enjoyable this year.

You all try your best to raise as much as you can.

9. Funding (for those who pay for sessions).

  • 80% of parents/carers rated the cost of sessions 'excellent',
  • 80% of parents/carers said the value for money was 'excellent',

They other comments made by parents....

Thank you for everything

Thankyou for making us feel so welcome and happy during her time in preschool. You have helped to give her a postivite view of education. It has been a super foundation for her and she will be able to build on this at school. She will miss preschool and the staff and so will we! Thank you again!

Just stay as you are. Parents need places like this with the amazing staff and support you all offer. Ill miss you so much and so will by child.

Keep doing what you are doing-both of my boys enjoyed their time there!

Carry on

Extremely pleased to have been involved with preschool and sorry to be moving but have to go with practicalities thank you for everything.

No, all good x

Everything amazing

No cant fault the whole set up

* If you require any further information about the Leaver's Survey, please see Caroline.