New Development Charts for July 2021

The charts below illustrate our child's development for the July 2021

Each child's key worker observer their key child making detailed written observations. These observations are then added to each child's Development Journal in the correct ares of learning. The keyworker then logs the child's observations and progress onto a tracking sheet.

These tracking sheets are than handed to the manager who inputs each child onto a master copy. The master copy is then converted into the seven areas of learning and the age and stage of development for the whole group. These are the pie charts and the figures you see below.

These charts will be updated termly so that parents are able to view the progress that all the children at preschool are making.

These charts illustrate children from the age of 30-50 months or children who are learning in this age range. They also illustrate the percentage of children who are secure, developing or emerging in their knowledge in each of the seven areas.