Recent improvements and our new project it is now complete.

Here at Tutbury Pre-school we have been very busy improving our outside play areas. {as you can see below}However we have decided that there is still room for improvement in the garden area.

we have now completed our fundraising towards our new project............... An outdoor class room area. We have replaced the wooden pergola that was in the garden with our new classroom plus a water wall.

1. The rainbow classroom and the water wall came to the grand total of £7690.80.

This total was achieved thanks to help from....

Consolidated charity burton grant of £2000

Clr Philip white and his community grant of £2000

Tutbury Parish council £500

East midlands Airport £250

Our parents at Tutbury Preschool £2940.80

Pirate ship opening 2016

In July 2016 we finally raised the £5000 we needed to have a brilliant pirate ship built our garden area. It took a year of hard work fund rising we were able to get grants from the following Councillor.....

Cllr Bob fraser Grant for £1000 (local Community Fund)

Cllr D Goodfellow Grant for £1000 (WASP Funding)

Cllr Simon Gaskin Grant for £2000 ( Consolidated Charities )

We would also like to thank our parents who helped to raise the other £1000 towards the ship.

Parents views about the outdoor area (2018 levers questionnaire)

Ive always found everything very good

Excellent play facilities outside

There have been many improvements over the six years. The staff are always looking for ways to improve the space avaible.

The garden area has improved amazingly since my children have been at the preschool and they love playing outside.

My child has really enjoyed the outdoor areas this year. Especially the garden which is being really well developed.------