Communications Workshop

This workshop is designed to give parents information about the importance's of communication skills. We also gave out lots of different handouts one of which was the 10 ways to help your child improve their skills.

Overview of 10 Practices to Promote Language and Communication Skills of Infants and Toddlers

Practice Description

1. Get Chatty Engaging in conversations with children

2. Be a Commentator Giving descriptions of objects, activities or events

3. Mix It Up Using different types of words and grammar

4. Label It Providing children with the names of objects or actions

5. Tune In Engaging in activities or objects that interest children

6. Read Interactively Using books to engage children’s participation

7. Read It Again and Again and Again! Reading books multiple times

8. Props, Please! Introducing objects that spark conversations

9. Make Music Engaging in musical activities

10. Sign It Using gestures or simple signs with words

Here are so photo of how the parents got on......

The Parents comments about the workshop.

  • It was interesting to see how the children typically learn at preschool
  • There were lots of interesting ideas
  • I learnt to let the children play
  • i learnt to use phonics songs
  • i learnt to allow the children time to communicated what they want to do and be directed by them.