Maths all around us ...

We normally hold a maths workshop but in these current climate we were unable to do this. Instead i sent out different information booklets for the parents to read though.

The children also went on a shape walk to see if they could recognize shapes in our environment. The week was designed to show the staff and the children that maths is everywhere and is not just counting to 10.

Here are some of the activities we had a go at in the week.

The Parents comments about the blookets .

  • we have now adopted the "in the street" section and use house numbers when going for a walk.

  • i will try to imply all the activites with my child.

  • Fabulous booklet well done !

  • some new ideas to try with recognising numbers .

  • Target sheet lovely to check on progress.

  • it has given me lots of ideas

  • the counting lamppost and objects would work best for my children

  • we try all techniques

  • lots of useful ideas for doing maths at home.

Shape walk with the Pink Bubble..