Mini athletics

At preschool we are encouraging the children to take part in some athletics.

Mini Athletics will be coming into session twice every half term to help us with this.

Mini Athletics provide an early learning provision through a fun, structured, educational programme that teaches children the basic skills of sport. Our programme meets the criteria for developing the following early learning goals and are specialised for nurseries and preschools.

ü Communication and language development

ü Physical development

ü Personal, social & emotional

ü Understanding of the world

Interestingly Ofsted ran a study with nursery providers in October 2020 to understand the impact the pandemic has had on the early years sector, and they reported that children were returning to settings less confident, less independent, and more anxious. The impact on key areas of learning had been significant.

- 29% said children had fallen behind in communication and language development

- 53% said children had fallen behind in personal, social, and emotional development

- 19% said children had fallen behind in physical development

- 18% had fallen behind in understanding the world