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New Parents Questionnaire 2017

Last term as part of the preschools improvement plan Caroline sent out a questionnaire to all the parents.The comments from all the parents are used to show Ofsted what our parents views on the preschool are and also they are used to improve the services we offer. Here are some of the comments we received......

1. In what way could we improve the Pre-school premises?

This includes facilities inside the building including play rooms and toilets.

As we share the premise its ok

As a shared premises you do the best with what you have got

Some how make gates self closing

The premises are looking great after floor and paint.

The work on the walls brighten up the preschool

i cant think anything to improve

It is obvious that you are always striving to improve

we appreciate all you do


2. In what way could we improve the outside play areas?

Entrance area needs to have sprung gates that latch shut.

New play area is good.

This is good

The pirate ship is a great idea and my children are always talking about it.

3. How can we improve the learning opportunities which we provide?

Is there anything you would like us to cover in our topic weeks?  Do you have any special interests you would like to share with us and the children at Pre-school?

Ive been impressed with everything you have covered. 

I think its great

Road safety

Cover history and dinosaurs 

My little boy has come on so much since he started.

4.  How can we improve the staffing at Pre-school?

Are there any areas you would feel the children at preschool would benefit from extra training or support from staff?

All the staff are wonderful so dont see how you could improve

All the staff are friendly helpful and welcoming.

the boys have a special bond with all the staff

Ensure all staff are aware of the changes and modelling good spelling.


5.  How could we improve the communication we have with you as parents/carers?

This includes our general day to day communication with you, the news and topic letters and email communication.

 Home/contact book

Generally good 

More structure at the workshop 

More chance to talk to my childs keyworker

Nothing communication good

I am happy

Communication is amazing and couldn't see any room for improvement

6. Have you viewed the Pre-school website?     

 mainly yes

How can we improve our website?

Always up to date information

7. What would you like done with the money which we raise from the discos?

For example - would you like us to use it for trips, experiences, books, toys, equipment or anything else?

i feel books are always a good thing to get

 Trips are great

The homework books are great so more are of these are great

Trips are great


School trips 

more equipment

8. Is there anything else we could do which would improve your experience of Pre-School?

Not really i think you do a very good job considering the resources you have.

It is obvious the staff are devoted to the children.

they work over and above thanks for your hard work.

Tutbury preschool have been and still are a great preschool for my children.

i would not want them to go anywhere else.

All replies are anonymous and confidential.  Your comments are greatly appreciated and will be used to make a positive difference to Pre-School in the future.  Thank you.